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What We Do

Bookkeepers, YES! but more than just another bookkeeper.

Specialist bookkeepers, working with you to tailor bookkeeping and business development solutions for your enterprise.

Our Mission is to work with Churches, Not for Profits, and Small to Medium Businesses to streamline their financial management by tailoring Bookkeeping, Accounts and Management systems to meet their needs and empower them around their finances so they are free to focus on what really matters - Growing their enterprise.

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The "MORE" capitalises on the experiences, knowledge and enthusiasm of the principals to help churches, small to medium business and not for profits realise their dreams for both their enterprise and their private lives. We do this by providing accurate and timely monthly financial information and analysis on which they can make wise decisions and so be free to focus on what really matters.

We offer a wide range of bookkeeping and business development skills and services.

To help you set your goals, measure your success and realise the dreams and the vision for your enterprise.   

Bookkeepers For U was established over twenty two years ago and initially operated under the name bookkeeping and more .

The specialised bookkeeping activities focused on the proposition provided by part of the original domain name - MORE.