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Bookkeeping for Non-profits

Bookkeeping for Non-Profits: Churches

It is not always easy to do work for charities, not for profit or churches; however, a diligent approach is required to manage all financial matters.

With churches, churches elect members to serve on a Church Finance Committee.

This team of people is responsible for managing and accountable stewardship of the church’s financial resources. It can significantly influence the financial growth of church assets.

Mismanaged financially, this group can negatively affect the long-term financial viability, so procedures must be in place to prevent this from happening.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work with Churches, Not for Profits, and Small to Medium Businesses to streamline their financial management by tailoring Bookkeeping, Accounts and Management systems to meet their needs and empower them around their finances so they are free to focus on what really matters - Growing their enterprise.

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